To find reviews on this site, you can use the search box at the top of the sidebar [type “review”]or browse by category under “reviews” or under the particular genre (eg. “science fiction”). [The category links are farther down the sidebar.]

Here are links to a number of relevant reviews I’ve previously posted on my other blog, God With Us: Finding Joy:

Choices of One, by Timothy Zahn (science fiction, Star Wars)

Conquerors’ Heritage, by Timothy Zahn (science fiction trilogy, book 2)

Conquerors’ Legacy, by Timothy Zahn (science fiction trilogy, book 3)

Conquerors’ Pride, by Timothy Zahn (science fiction trilogy, book 1)

Eternity Falls, by Kirk Outerbridge (science fiction)

The Kingdom, by Benjamin T. Collier (fantasy novella)

Leaper: the Misadventures of a Not-Necessarily-Super Hero, by Geoffrey Wood (speculative fiction, humour)

The Personifid Project, by R.E. Bartlett (science fiction)

The Realms Thereunder, by Ross Lawhead (speculative/fantasy)

Relentless, by Robin Parrish (speculative)

Starfire, by Stuart Vaughn Stockton (science fiction)

The Story in the Stars, by Yvonne Anderson (science fiction)

Unlocked, by Cynthia d’Entremont (young adult fantasy)

The Vanishing Sculptor, by Donita K. Paul (young adult fantasy)

Most of the books I review come from my own (or the public) library. Where review copies have been provided, I’m careful to note that at the end of the review.

None of the links included on this blog benefit me in any way. At some point I may sign up for an affiliate program, and then I’ll be sure to mention it here.Little frog image

Hoppy reading!


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